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Serbian Grammar

Interested in learning Serbian quickly and painlessly?

I believe that the best method for learning any foreign language is learning how to ask questions in that language. Therefore, on this page you will find some basic survival questions in Serbian that would allow you to form questions when thrown in the real, Serbian-only situation. Also, I designed a brief list of Serbian question-words for your reference.

In addition, I compiled some useful Serbian phrases necessary for basic communication.
Soon, I'll insert sound next to Serbian phrases and questions so you'll be able to hear how each phrase/sentence is pronounced.

Want to know how words are pronounced in Serbian?

Here is the Serbian alphabet (in Cyrillic and Latin scripts) and this is New!  Serbian alphabet with pronunciation.

If you want to construct sentences of your own, here are some fundamental grammar tools (or rules) for you to use.

Serbian verb conjugations and tenses:
Present tense, Past tense, Future tense, Imperatives

Serbian nouns:
Here you'll find a comprehensive table of declension classes for Serbian nouns which can be used as a reference. Simply take a noun from a dictionary (which is in a default or in nominative case) and look up the declension class to which it belongs and then plug it in the sentence of your design.
To master the different cases and their usages, I designed separate files for each case. Here, you can download:

New! Serbian pronouns:
In these files, you'll find the declensional paradigm for various types of pronouns in Serbian. Please let me know if you find these files useful and if you have any comments.

New! Serbian prepositions:
An alphabetical listing of Serbian prepositions and cases they require on their noun objects

Please visit this page often as it will be updated with the new language material. For any questions or suggestions, please shoot me an email.